Four best friends are behind the pop/rock-inspired sounds of Recent Rumors. They seek to write and produce music for the stories we live everyday and the moments we crave to create in our lives. As a band, they strive to spread the message to live life to the fullest and savor “that feeling,” not being afraid to take the chances that create the growth and stories we told ourselves we wanted when we were kids. Recent Rumors’ nostalgic vibes will make you feel safe and at home with both the band members and their amazing fan base that has grown since the release of their first single “Blow Me Away” in 2017 to their newest EP “Heart Baby” in 2020. Their energetic live shows give you the freedom and comfort to jump out of your skin and dance. Look for them in a city near you coming 2020 and 2021 as they grow around the world with the hope to inspire change and promote positivity.

Recent Rumors is Josh Laboyteaux (Vocals/Guitars), Tymothy Clark (Guitars/Keys/Vocals), Alex Lopez (Bass/Synth/Vocals), and Christian Fox (Drums/Vocals).